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Thats the night that the

2009-04-10 06:06:24 by elace

lights went out in Georgia!

Im fat and i know it

2009-04-09 20:26:23 by elace

So stop pointing it out and making fat jokes mates
getting tired of it

I dont need your rocking chair

2009-04-07 07:40:02 by elace

Ive still got neon in my veins, this gray hair don't mean a thing, i do my rocking on the stage cant keep this possum in a change

I dont need your rocking chair


2009-04-02 11:37:45 by elace

A guy is sitting at a bar when a gremlin comes in and sits beside him. The gremlin orders a beer and sits beside the man slurping it. Then the gremlin hops up on the bar and sticks his head in the guys beer. The man is slightly surprised by this but doesn't want to start a fight so he doesn't say anything. The the gremlin does it again and once agian the guy doesn't say anything. Then for the thrid time the gremlin sticks his head in the guys beer and he finally grabs the little bastard and says this " You little fucker if you do that one more time i am gonna pull your dick off." the gremlin then says " You cant pull my dick off becuase i dont have one. " "Then how do you go to the bathroom ? " "like this" says the gremlin and sticks his head in the guys beer

same old story

2009-04-01 07:21:13 by elace

same old song and dance

words that change

2009-04-01 06:35:29 by elace

gtfo = g t f o
tom = t o m
shit = s h i t
death = d e a t h
god = g o d
America = a m e r i c a
newgrounds = n e w g r o u n d s
april fools day = a p r i l f o o l s d a y
lol = l o l
worst = w o r s t
ass = ass
shitty = s h i t t y
think = t h i n k
forum = f o r u m
bad = b a d
bitches = b i t c h e s
fucking = f u c k i n g
bullshit = b u l l s h i t
funny = f u n n y

Does anyone know any more ?

how many differnt words change ~~

2009-04-01 06:17:58 by elace

tom flup

Mao Zedong had the right idea to fight china so we need some people to bring down china! Come men we shall gather in the streets of newgrounds and those hellokitty loving bastards will die ! %u7121%u7522%u968E%u7D1A%u6587%u5316%u 5927%u9769%u547D%u65E0%u4EA7%u9636%u7E A7%u6587%u5316%u5927%u9769%u547D!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a increase in the speed of the growth of "actual socialism" We need to take newgrounds by storm. GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!

Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (lets fight china)

EyeLovePoozy poem

2009-03-29 19:09:54 by elace

EyeLovePoozy you know i love you so
But why do you always ban me i really need to know
you ban my fat ass without even a blink
You give me alot of time to think
You show off cause your a mod yet you are so cool
You make every thing i say turn me into a fool

Your cocky and your arrogant
yet your the coolest guy around
Once i read a other mods ban and i frowned
It wasnt mean or witty
unlike yours which are the opposite of shitty

So when you are gonna ban me rember this little tune
Please show me some mercy you god among buffoons

This is a litte shrine to your awsomeness poozy ~~ i like the end the best cause that ment the poem was over =)

i am awsome ?

2009-03-23 06:41:01 by elace

yes no maybe so ?