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~~ story for play

2009-03-22 20:47:13 by elace

Old man
Son friend

* curtain opens on 2 boys one holding ball one with a bat.*

Son friend: Alright man after this last ball i gotta go home for supper
son: shut up and toss princess
* boy tips ball gently enough so it hits ground and rolls off stage right *
Friend: It rolled in old mans yard
Son: go get it
* friend runs after ball and yells off stage *
Friend: doesnt look like old man is here how bout we get revenge for all those balls he has taken from us
Son: what are you thinking?
Friend: I am gonna throw the ball through his front window so that it shatters and we will just say you hit it too hard
Son: just like you to put all the blame on me
friend (still off stage ): shut up and see if anybody is looking.
Son: Your all clear
*glass shatters freind runs out from curtain laughing *
Friend: dinner time see you tomorrow
Son: alright man
* curtain closes and crew puts table and 3 chairs on stage and rolls on a window *
*curtian opens on father mother and son sitting at table*
Father: Son do you know anything about the ball breaking old man's window ?
Mother: tell the truth we wont be mad
Son: me and friend were playing base ball and it hit the ball too hard and it broke the window
Father: I know this guy just moved in but you gotta repay him
Son: what do you need me to do
father : i have already talked to him and your gonna start doing jobs around his house monday
Son: but da-
father: i wasnt asking
son: fine
* curtain closes crew takes off chairs and table*
*curtain opens on old man and son*
old man : lets start here in the basement
* friend walks in *
son: bout time you got here
freind: well if your gonna act like that * turns around and starts walking*
Son(with smile on his face): come on dufus
oldman: stop clowning around and start dusting boys and dont mess with anything.
* they start dusting*
friend: is it just me or does that box over there look likes it needs to be opened.
son: don't even joke around we gotta finish cleaning
friend: one peek chicken
son: fine open it
* friend opens chest*
friend: there is a picture, a couple of pictures 3 pictures to be exact
son; of what ?
friend: boys most look around our age
son: put them back i dont even wanna know
freind: theres names on the back joey,matthew,chase
son: his sons ?
freind: i dont know but i am putting them back all i know is if this guy comes down here and ties us to a race car bed im am gonna scream like crazy
son: what ever get back to dusting
* a couple minutes later *
friend: looks like we are done
son: ok lets go tell the guy we are done
* they walk off only to walk around to stage right they enter back with the old man *
old man: since you boys did such a great job in the basement its attic time even you cheese heads know the deal don't touch anything and don't stop dusting
friend: sir yes sir
*old man exits stage right*
* they dust then the son trips over a box*
friend: alright i guess these one has to be opened too
son: dude dont
friend: too late
* the box is full of clothes friend laughs and slips on a jacket son joins in the fun and puts on a hat and friend stares at hat and his eyes get big *
son: got a problem dork
friend; that hat .... that picture that guy joey was wearing that same hat in his picture
* son throws hat on ground*
friend: this jacket matthew was wearing it in his picture also ...
son: i dont like this
friend shut up and finish dusting we didnt see anything
* they put cloths back in box and slid it off stage*
* they dust silently*
friend: lets go tell old man we are done
friend ( yells off stage right) we are done old man
* old man enters *
oldman: looks like you did a good job but son you dont have to come back tomorrow since i know the truth about the broken window.
friend: are you mad
oldman: no but you have to do extra work tomorrow
* old man walks off*
friend: dude wait for me out side tomorrow around 6 i should be done then
son: alright
* both walk off *
* son enters stage left*
son: im a bit early looks like there is a light in the basement
* crouches and looks down off stage right*
son: there is freind and i see the old man walking down the stairs what is that is his hand oh my gooooo *starts yelling frantically* Freind hes got a hes got a * he starts banging hand off stage*
*son screams and runs in other direction off stage left*
* old man enters off stage right with a hack saw in his hand and blood around his mouth*
*curtain closes crew puts table and chairs back on and rolls back window *
*Son runs in off stage right*
son: mom dad friend he he .....
father: clam down son and tell me what happened.
son: freind the old man he he cut his throat
father: who's throat
son: friend's
mother: go to your room *points off stage left*
mother : father do you rember when son told us his friend fell off that hill
father: and we called the police
mother: and we got made a fool of it could be another lie
father: he seemed scared this time though truly afraid
mother: thats what you said last time
father: i will talk to him in his room
* son enters off stage as mother leaves*
father: son i do not like that you lied
son: bu
father: hush i want you to sit at the table and do your home work and not another word from you
son: fine...
father: me and mother are going to freind's mothers house to check if he is there you stay here and you had better not move until we get back
son: yes sir
* mother enters kisses son and walks off stage right with father*
* knock on window old man is standing there smiling with blood around his mouth son screams and lights die down *

Funnyest family guy ever ?

2009-03-03 21:20:33 by elace

/* */
What u think ? 33612/5

I think im gonna do this again wuz fun ~~

Runescape poem

2009-02-07 21:54:15 by elace

Runescape poem when i get bored i make this crap up ~~

Lumbridge sits among the flames of war
I got tired of the chore
Blood fills the rivers
As i refill my quiver
A dying man his soul leaves his lips
A broken leg torn from the hip

A flaming cart
A rune dart
The guards bodies hang from the walls
As a man's blood covers the halls
I started with the noobs lvl 20 and below
I crippled their life i didnt leave a toe
They were no match for my dragon long
I ate the hearts of the strong

As the 40 and aboves arrived i saw one shake
Starting at the red carpet grass after the quake
They all stood strong 500 or so They came in a rush
I beheaded one and left his rune helm in a bush
I laughed at their courage
Their honor and such
The battle went on untill dusk

The last mage stood a air staff in his hand
I thought of a way to make this last killing less bland
One good shot
Right on the dot
My arrow moved like a hawk
His face turned to chalk
His blue top became a canvas of red
The last of the dorks was dead

I got out of the chair
And combed my hair
I wanted a drink
My cheeks were pink
Of all the carnage i had done
Of all the noobs that had run
Another day of fun

newgrounds poem

2009-01-31 13:34:56 by elace

m going to tell you of a place
A place that welcomes all of the human race
A place where loons and goons gather around
A place where many thoughts are bound
A place where artistic expression rules all
A place where freedom of speech stands tall
A place that would withstand the force of any bomb
A place created by a man called tom

A place where dogs talk
A place where cripples walk
A place that has only a few rules
A place where some are so cruel
A place where kids get shamed
A place where most go by a different name
A place built from hope and pride
A place where humor strides

Some loves this wonderful place
Yet others seem to hate the human race
Music and song spread the cheer
As people laugh while sipping beers
As much as i know
As much as ive seen
I know a place where u can play gangsta bean

While others gather at other sites
I say they all bite
You can stay in myspace
While i will chill in a wonderful place


i wuz bored ......

yo sup

2009-01-08 20:24:13 by elace



2009-01-05 18:11:44 by elace

How was yo new years ????? we lite my field on fire and i got shot with fireworks how did yos go ???

made a a song

2008-12-03 19:46:59 by elace

vote on it =)

ima ghost busta

2008-11-29 18:55:14 by elace

and i have been for like 2 years lmao we hunt ghosts all over north and south carliona we have about 32 members and we like to say were professional im a go to guy a on the site man and one of the most trusted members of the group even though im 15 lmao we investigate for free and we have a lot of fun doing it ~~ its coo