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2009-04-02 11:37:45 by elace

A guy is sitting at a bar when a gremlin comes in and sits beside him. The gremlin orders a beer and sits beside the man slurping it. Then the gremlin hops up on the bar and sticks his head in the guys beer. The man is slightly surprised by this but doesn't want to start a fight so he doesn't say anything. The the gremlin does it again and once agian the guy doesn't say anything. Then for the thrid time the gremlin sticks his head in the guys beer and he finally grabs the little bastard and says this " You little fucker if you do that one more time i am gonna pull your dick off." the gremlin then says " You cant pull my dick off becuase i dont have one. " "Then how do you go to the bathroom ? " "like this" says the gremlin and sticks his head in the guys beer


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2009-04-05 17:32:27

I was like "aww dude!" hahahahahahahahahahahahha